Log Book Lesson Topic:  Preparing for the Driving Test

Training outcome:


At the end of this lesson you will be able to correctly:

  • Make all required adjustments to enable safe, comfortable and effective control of vehicle.


  • Locate and understand the function of controls, gauges and warning lights.


  • Move the vehicle from and return to the kerb.


  • Use a smooth and effective method of steering.


  • Change gears smoothly and efficiently to suit road conditions, speed and vehicle requirements.


  • Use your eyes to scan the driving environment for important information and hazards.


  • Safely reverse the vehicle.


  • Safely and legally drive in low to medium density, whilst encountering simple every day traffic situations.


  • Park the vehicle safely and legally.


  • Safely and legally drive in medium high density, complex traffic situations.


  • Safely and legally change lanes, merge, diverge and overtake other vehicles.
  • Maintain a crash avoidance space to the front of the vehicle by managing the vehicle speed.


  • Maintain a crash avoidance space to the sides of the vehicle by selecting appropriate road positions.


  • Make safe decisions when joining or crossing traffic, lane changing or proceeding at traffic lights.


  • Protect crash avoidance space by making an appropriate response to hazards.


  • Gain experience driving at night time.


  • Gain experience driving in adverse conditions such as wet weather, fog, snow and ice.


  • Gain experience driving in rural environments.


  • Gain experience driving in complex and busy city traffic and motorway environments.