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Locally owned and operated.

Adept Driver Training is based at Maclean in the Northern Rivers (NSW) and offers quality driving lessons with a highly experienced driving instructor with over 25 years of training students at both a learner and advanced driver level. 

The business is accredited by:

  • Transport for NSW (formerly RMS) to provide driving lessons.
  • As a Keys2Drive instructor by the Commonwealth Government (to provide a sponsored driving lesson for learner drivers).
    (This program closed as at 17 March 2023 due to the Govt withdrawing funding).
  • A graduate of The Transport Industries Skills Centre (A.C.T).
  • A graduate of the Close Personal Protection (VIP) training course (A.C.T).
  • A Graduate of the 121 Driver Training Pty Ltd driving instructor certification course.
  • A Guest lecturer (2017-2022) at the RYDAcar program (Yamba) for all school age students in the Northern Rivers area studying year 10. 
  • A guest lecturer at the RYDAcar program at Woolgoolga in 2021.
  • A member of the Yamba Chamber of Commerce.
  • NSW Police - Class 2E licence holder (in order to investigate vehicle accidents on behalf of parties involved in litigation).
  • Working with children check - registration number WWC0215885E (valid to 20 Dec 2028)


Adept Driver Training continues to far exceed the NSW P-plate test average pass mark.

Offical NSW Government statistics (for the whole of NSW) show only about 60% of drivers pass on their first attempt)
Source: NSW Govt Roads & Waterways official statistics (click on link for further information)




Adept Driver Training provides an “all encompassing approach” to learner driving that includes:


  • A very high emphasis on safety.
  • Smooth driving techniques.
  • Money savings tips (regarding both the vehicle, and the students driving skills), and
  • A brief overview of the ramifications of dangerous driving (Police, Courts, road rage and insurance).


We specialise in the following areas of driver training:

  • Learner drivers studying for the Pplate practical examination.
  • Elderly drivers wishing to practice for the older driver assessment test (from age 85).
  • Intellectually challenged students.
  • Physically challenged students.
  • NDIS participants.


Adept Investigations & Training Pty Ltd also conducts accident investigations on behalf of clients subject to civil litigation to determine the cause of specific vehicle accidents. Knowledge gained in this process is in turn passed onto our younger students to hopefully have them not make the same mistakes.




p plate 3.jpg



How many lessons are required for learner drivers to progress to a provisional licence is different for each student.

If you have purchased driving lessons from another instructor in the area and for the first 3-5 lessons they merely have you drive around the local area or along a freeway I suggest you find another instructor. Adept aims to teach the majority of students all that's required to pass the P plate test within those 3-5 lessons.

For students who know little about the workings of a car, I also recommend the student undertakes an Introductory lesson that includes *60 minutes visibly showing the student the important components of the car (engine bay and cabin), followed by a 30 minute drive.

* The 60 minute “in-car” tutorial teaches students the basics of maintaining a car, including areas that require regular maintenance checks, and the layout/operation of the passenger cabin. The cost of this lesson is only $60 (pricing correct as at 1 December 2023).




Ashby (weekly)

Chatsworth (weekly)

Grafton (daily)

Gulmarrad (daily)

Harwood (daily)

Ilarwill (daily)

Iluka (weekly)

Lawrence (weekly)

Maclean (daily)

Palmers Island (daily)

Taloumbi (daily)

Wombah (weekly)

Woodford Island  (daily)

Yamba  (daily)