Originally based on the NSW Central Coast, Adept Driver Training has been operating from Maclean in the Northern Rivers of NSW since 2016. The current training vehicle is a 2018 Honda Jazz Auto with dual controls.

Manual driving lessons can be provided in a students or parents own vehicle, and lessons are $5 per hour cheaper when conducted in the students vehicle.

Our charter is not only about teaching our students to drive but to have them fully understand and adopt lifelong driving practices that go beyond the basics. It includes:

  • Learning to have patience with other drivers.
  • Hazard detection and avoidance.
  • How to save money by driving smoothly and defensively, ensuring the longevity of your vehicle.
  • Safe braking practices.
  • Fatigue identification and avoidance.

Adept Driver Training is fully committed to ensuring our students practice and demonstrate their knowledge of the road rules, adopt the safest driving practices and to enhance skills to recognise hazards long before the possibility of these issues leads to an accident.

Our training methods are about teaching lifelong practices to ensure your child, partner or spouse learn to comfortably drive with other road users, not just to pass the P1 test.

The P plate test is essentially someone from Transport for NSW trying to ensure a driver is capable of being on the roads with enough skills to not get involved in an accident. The real test is the rest of their lives!


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So whether you are just a beginner, or learning decades after you obtained your drivers licence, Adept Driver Training offers personalised lessons tailored to your individual needs.