Transport for NSW (formerly known as RMS) suggests students should ask the following questions when deciding on a driving instructor:

All learner drivers are taught in accordance with the Transport for NSW learning guide comprising twenty separate chapters (detailed in the course structure page of this website).

Advanced driving courses are conducted in accordance with the clients requirements regarding whether the training is for VIP protection, an employer initiated training program, or just a refresher course.

Keys2Drive lessons are conducted as per the guidelines set down by the Keys2Drive program.

All students are provided with training material covering:

  • Phone apps for emergency situations, 000 etc
  • Cabin procedures.
  • Startup procedures.
  • Pulling out/into the kerb.
  • Turning at corners.
  • Uphill starts.
  • Three point turns.
  • Parallel parks, and
  • Terms and conditions of driving lessons.


Parents and/or supervising drivers are actively encouraged to accompany the learner driver.

Only one learner driver is in the vehicle during training. A parent, guardian or partner is welcome (and actively encouraged) to accompany them.

Only a late model automatic vehicle is available for lessons, however lessons in a manual vehicle can be conducted in your own vehicle if requested and are $5 cheaper per lesson.

Please note that many vehicle manufacturers are currently changing over to only producing automatic gearbox vehicles in future models.

Adept operates 7 days per week. Refer to the terms and conditions for full details, or contact us on 0410 058 368.

Lessons times/dates are able to be changed/cancelled up to 24 hours prior to the lesson time.


Students are commonly picked up (or dropped of) at school, sport or their workplace.

Driving lessons are provided up to 10pm weeknights which assists when students finish work at IGA or similar business at 9pm. It also saves a parent picking them up from work.

The Keys2Drive Commonwealth Government sponsored training program.

We recommend you call as soon as possible after the student has obtained their learner licence. By learning correctly from the start we’re able to teach the essential principals of low-risk driving before the student is accompanied by a supervising (non-professional) driver.

Students are at greater risk in the early stages of learning to drive and professional training in a dual-control car helps ensure their safety.

Recent statistics have proved that drivers have a 30 times greater chance of being involved in a car accident in their first six months of driving solo.

After accessing the abilities of the student, i'll recommend a balance of tuition between professional instruction and on-road training with a supervising driver.

Parents or supervising drivers are kept regularly up-to-date with a student’s progress and receive tips on how to assist with the students on-road training.

Parents, guardians and partners are also encouraged to participate in the driving lesson as it has a three fold benefit:

  1. Especially in curcumstances where the student is a young female, they feel "more at home" when there is someone they know in the vehicle during the lesson.
  2. The accompanying person, usually the students supervising driver, will learn a lot during the lesson.
  3. When the student and supervising driver are alone and undertaking non-professional driver training, the students memory recall is a lot better if the supervising driver had attended the previous lesson where the new skills were learnt.

Many instructors enter the industry without any additional formal training other than the Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics, a mandatory requirement by Transport for NSW to train L plate drivers.

At Adept your son, daughter or partner will receive the benefit of:

  • 30+ years of driving experience (over 1.6 million kms) in all driving conditions.
  • 20+ years of providing student tuition, from learner drivers to the provision of highly advanced driving courses for VIP protection security staff deployed to many countries around the world.
  • Being recertified over two decades in advanced driver training techniques.
  • A late model Honda Jazz Auto vehicle

One on one teaching of safe and defensive driving techniques is the cornerstone of the training methodology. Students are taught not only to drive but to do so safely, defensively and with elements of the course geared to the “downside of driving”, including the financial cost of reckless driving (fines etc), and the legal ramifications of being involved in an accident.

The aim is to provide students with

the skills to survive by building a lifetime of good driving habits. The

side benefits of this is the student will save substantial amounts of

money over their driving lifetime in reduced fuel costs and wear and

tear on the vehicle, and vehicle damage repair costs.

Every student’s skills are different. The first lesson provides an opportunity to assess their natural abilities and learning speed. A structured individual program is then provided to the parent or guardian. At the conclusion of the first lesson i'll be able to indicate just how many lessons should be required to competently pass the P plate test. The cost of that first lesson is then subtracted from any lesson package purchased.

Lessons commence and finish at a location convenient to the student, be it home, the office or school.

Read your “Road Users Handbook”, the “Guide to the Driving Test”, "Driver Qualification Handbook” and “Hazard Perception Handbook”.

Copies of the above documents in foreign languages may be downloaded from the Roads and Maritime Services website by clicking here, with the exception of the “Guide to the Driving Test” which (at the time of writing this – April 2021) is only available for download in English.

Remember – prepare early!

After the first lesson a target date will be set for the driving test and to make regular assessments of the students’ progress to ensure they are on track.

Know your theory and practice safe, defensive and smooth driving during the test and you shouldn’t have a problem during the assessment phase.

DO NOT stop logging your hours in the log book when you get to the required 120 hours. I've unfortunately had students that thought they had completed all their hours only to find they were 30 minutes short and were not permitted to sit the test.

The testing officers do conduct audits of log books on a regular basis.

Driving safely and defensively for the rest of your life! The P plate examination is only a minute part of the equation!

6:30am-10pm – Monday to Friday

8am - 8pm - Saturday (by appointment only)

9am - 6pm - Sunday (one Sunday per calendar month

At Adept, individual lessons run for a full 60, 90 or 120 minutes. Packages are available for 3, 5, 10 and 20 hours of lessons. Please check our rates page for further detail.

A complete list of the suburbs tuition is provided is available a the foot of the homepage of this website.

Their learner drivers licence and logbook. Adept highly recommends the student takes photographs of their logbook as each page is completed. If it’s lost they still have a requirement to verify the driving hours completed as part of the assessment.

Absolutely. A parent, guardian or partner can accompany the student during the lesson but is asked not to distract them whilst the lesson is in progress. PLEASE NOTE: Adept actively encourages the supervising driver to come along during the lesson as they’re able to learn the teaching methods used and can observe the progress made and be able to further enhance those skills when no instructor is present.

They will have to obtain a new drivers licence at their cost prior to undertaking any further driving as it’s an offence to drive if you do not have a driver’s licence.

For the purposes of lessons, the Service NSW app drivers licence on the students phone is acceptable

If a student about to commences a

lesson does not have their drivers licence (on them or the App on their

phone) at the time of the lesson they are unable to commence (it) and no

refund will be available under these circumstances.

It’s best for students to commence driving in an automatic vehicle unless they only have access to a manual. Once they gain confidence in their abilities it’s much easier to convert to driving a manual.

If the student is aged under 25 years with an Australian learner licence they must have logged 120 hours of driving before they can book the P plate test.

This can be achieved through driving the full 120 hours with a supervising driver. e.g, a parent, or undertake 10 hours with a licenced driving instructor (30 hours credited to their logged hours) then undertake 90 hours with a supervising driver or professional instructors.

Remember that achieving the required 120 hours does not guarantee the student is ready to pass the test.

IMPORTANT - 20 hours of driving that’s recorded in the log book must be attained from driving at night.


The training vehicle is comprehensively insured for driver training.

I have the required NSW Police “working with children” check.

A copy of that certificate of currency can be provided to the client upon request and can be checked with the NSW Police via the following hyperlink:

Certificate of currency

Adept Driver Training offers tuition in a number of other areas besides learner drivers, including:

  • Training in conversion from driving an auto to a manual vehicle.
  • General driving assessments for licenced drivers seeking tips to improve their driving ability.
  • Training for the Older Driver Assessment test for those aged over 85.
  • Advanced driver training (on road or racetrack) for corporate clients.

No, however I can provide a letter/vouchers confirming a purchase has been made for a number of lessons for a particular student.

Unfortunately NSW legislation now requires gift certificates to be valid for three years which is not a commercially viable proposition for driving lessons.

I understand that on occasion you may need to reschedule or cancel a lesson.

When you book with us you are securing a professional trainers time and allocated a custom training vehicle for your lesson. These resources are allocated solely to you only for the duration of your lesson booking. There are understandably costs associated with reserving your booking.

A minimum of 24hrs notice is required when you need to cancel or reschedule a lesson time or date. Cancellations can be made via telephone, text message or email. If less than 24hrs notice is provided the full lesson fee will be charged and payable for the lesson.

If no cancellation notice is given and a student fails to attend the appointment at the scheduled time or fails to have a current drivers licence with them, the full lesson fee will be charged.

Cancellation, rescheduling and no show policies are strictly upheld to ensure the high standards and level of service to each and every student.

There are three possible answers.

The first answer is they are not an accredited Transport for NSW licenced driving instructor and are breaking the law by providing the student with paid tuition. Their instructors licence must be prominently displayed in the instructor’s vehicle during the lesson. If it isn’t, ask to see it. If they do not have a licence report them and the vehicles registration plate details to the Roads and Maritime Services as soon as possible.

The second answer is that a three for one hour lesson only counts if it forms part of the 20 RMS structured and approved lesson plans found at the back of your log book. If your instructor has provided lessons and not one of them is an approved lesson then it’s likely they are not teaching you correctly and you would be advised to seek out an alternative instructor.

The third answer and most common answer is that an instructor (or a number of instructors) have completed ten of the structured lessons, thus signing off on thirty hours counted towards your log book. After these ten one hour lessons the student is only signed off on a one hour tuition to one hour signed off in their log book.

Remember the student is required to drive twenty hours at night.

An invoice is forwarded to the person booking the lesson at the time it was booked.

All lessons are required to be prepaid via direct debit, the detailsof which are noted in the invoice attached to the lesson time/date confirmation.